The new VSSL app v3

The VSSL app is a companion app to the VSSL A.6 and VSSL A.3


We’re excited to finally take the curtain off our latest features for VSSL. We have some new exciting features to improve your listening experience.

Download the VSSL app:
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New Adaptive Cards

The zone cards on the home screen now update with the metadata of the song. The coloring changes with the song to help the zone feel more alive.

We also added controls to Play/Pause and Skip straight from the home screen.

Paging: No longer stops the music

Paging a room is a great way to keep track of your loved ones throughout the house. Now, with the latest VSSL app, you can disturb them without disturbing the music!

Source Select on Home Screen

Now you can easily listen to that NBA Playoff game on every room in your house. You’ll never miss the big play again.



To enable this feature, you’ll need to connect your TV or other input to any of the RCA inputs on the VSSL. Then go to the settings and name the inputs. After you have given the input a name, the device will appear as an input on the main screen.


You can now create temporary groups from the VSSL App home screen. The groups will ungroup when the phone is disconnected. They aren’t listed in the music apps. Only Google groups and the Party Zone will be listed in the device list of the music apps.

Lock Volume on Analog Input

This feature makes it easier to listen to your TV with VSSL. Most likely when you watch TV you want to use the TV remote to control the volume. With the ‘fixed analog volume’ on, you can do that. The zone will set the volume to a fixed level (50, 75, 100), then you use your TV remote for the volume control.

When you connect to the zone with your phone or another streaming device, the zone will adapt the volume to your phone. When you disconnect your phone, the zone will go back to the fixed volume setting.


This setting can be used for any input that has it’s own volume control. Like a home automation system. This makes it easy to add VSSL to any system and interface it like a normal ‘dummy’ amp. See more about connecting with another system here.

Fixed or Variable Bus Output

Bus outputs on the VSSL A.6 and A.3 default to variable. This makes it so you can control the volume on the bus output with your phone. There are instances where you may want this output to be a fixed level an let an external system control the volume.