Using VSSL with Pandora

With all the new music services, Pandora is still one of the most popular. We thought it would be a good time to review how VSSL makes listening to Pandora seamless.


Pandora works with Chromecast

Pandora on iOS or on Android can be played via Chromecast.



Chromecast is a great fit for Pandora because the playback is never interrupted.



Pandora and Airplay

Airplay is tried and true for iOS users. It will stop when you get a phone call, but sometimes that’s nice since turning the volume down while your phone is ringing can be difficult.



Pandora on Google Home

Pandora is built into the Google Home. Once you set up Pandora with your Google Assistant and default the music playback to VSSL, you can just say ‘Hey Google, play Johnny Cash’. This will start up a Pandora radio station of the great Johnny Cash.

Read more about how to set up VSSL with Google Home here.


Pandora and Groups

To play to a group with Pandora you can play to any Google Cast group right from the Pandora Chromecast menu. These groups are set up in the Google Home app.

You can also use a the Party Zone on an A.3 or A.6, to play to a group from Airplay. Party zones can be selected right from the Airplay menu in the Pandora iOS app. You can configure your party zone in the VSSL app.

Once your groups are configured, you will never have to leave the Pandora app to listen to your music. You can use a single app.

Visit our support page with any questions.