• Create Multiroom Audio Zones

    VSSL allows you to stream audio to more than one speaker, or set of speakers, at the same time. We refer to these multi-room audio zones as party zones. For example, if you’re having a get together at your house and you want to play the same audio in more than one zone of your […]

  • Installing and Connecting VSSL

    Installation and connecting you VSSL amp is simple and easy. Here is a quick video to show you the process. Follow these steps and you should be listening to your tunes in no time.

  • Advanced App Setting and Control

    The VSSL app is a very useful tool for controlling and listening to your music. You will use your VSSL amp day to day without using the app much, but here are a few of the things that the app can do to help improve your listening experience. Here is a video that shows a […]

  • Streaming YouTube Audio

    Many people like to use the YouTube app or to listen to music. You can stream your YouTube audio from your favorite devices through VSSL to your in-home speakers using AirPlay or Chromecast. Streaming YouTube Audio using AirPlay On your device, open the YouTube app  or go to From the YouTube app, tap […]

  • How to set and optimize the VSSL EQ settings

    All sounds that the human ear can detect are essentially vibrations that, if visualized, appear as waves moving up and down at different speeds, or frequencies. The faster the wave moves, the higher the pitch. For example, bass frequencies, such as those you hear in a hip-hop groove, move very slowly, while higher pitches (treble), […]

  • Use Alexa with VSSL

    Background You can use Alexa with VSSL, by connecting an Echo Dot to an input on the VSSL. As an input, all of the control and volume can be controlled by Alexa. In the VSSL app, you can select the Echo Dot as a source on any room. In this guide we will recommend how […]



What is a smart amp?

A normal audio amplifier simply reproduces low-power electronic audio signals at a level that is strong enough for driving your home speakers. Smart amps do more than just power your speakers. The VSSL smart amp also allows you to stream music from your favorite apps to your speakers.

How do I get my music?

With VSSL your music comes directly from your favorite devices. You don’t have to use CD’s, save your music on a hard drive, or sign into a music account. You simply open your favorite music-streaming app on any device and play your music.

Where can I stream my music from?

You can stream your music from any device. You’re not limited to a certain brand of device or operating system. You can stream music from all Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

Can I use my Apple TV to listen to music?

Yes, you can configure your Apple TV to play the video on your TV and the audio through your VSSL system. Press and hold the "Select" button on the Apple TV remote while watching a movie and then select the VSSL zone you wish to play.

Do I need internet?

Yes, in order for the VSSL system to communicate with your device and audio apps, you need an Internet connection.

What apps can I use?

There are over 100 music-streaming apps that are compatible with VSSL. You can stream any audio that utilizes AirPlay, Spotify Connect, or Chromecast built-in. Popular apps include Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, TuneIn, YouTube, Play Music, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, and many more.

How do I play the same thing in more than one room?

To play the same audio in more than one zone (or room) you can use Party Zones. Within the VSSL app navigate to the Settings page. From there click on your listed device. Under “Zone Settings” Click on “Party” and you can rename your party zone and select/deselect which zones will be included in your party zone. After setting up the party zone you will be able to select that party zone from your device when playing audio.

Can I bridge audio zones?

No, audio bridging is currently not supported with VSSL.

How do firmware updates get installed?

Firmware updates occur automatically over the air (OTA). This means that with a working Internet connection your VSSL unit will always be up to date. When a new firmware update is available your VSSL unit will automatically update.

Can I use multiple or stack multiple VSSL units?

Yes, you can use more than one VSSL unit on the same network. For example, if you have 9 audio zones in your home you can use both an A.3 and an A.6 to accommodate your 9 zones. Simply plug 3 of your speaker pairs into the A.3 and the other 6 into the A.6.

Note that Chromecast groups can span all the VSSL zones and are configured in the Google Home app. Airplay party zones that are configured in the VSSL app are limited to the unit that the zone resides.

How can I use Alexa with my VSSL?

You can plug an Amazon Echo device in to your VSSL unit through an analog input on the back of the unit. Then, when you want to listen to music you can set the analog input of a VSSL zone to listen to your Echo as an input.

Alternatively, you can pair your Amazon Echo device with a Bluetooth receiver. With this setup, when you want to listen to music you can change the input on the receiver to your Echo device.

What if my VSSL unit is not near my modem or router?

VSSL requires a hardwired Internet connection. If your VSSL unit is not near a modem or router you can utilize a power line adapter or WiFi to Ethernet adapter to provide the connection to your VSSL.


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