• How do I setup my VSSL?

    The VSSL A.6 and A.3 amplifiers can be installed into an equipment rack using the included mounting brackets or can be placed on a shelf. To set up your VSSL amplifier you will need to connect to a standard power outlet, hardwired ethernet connection, and wireless network connection.

      Connecting the VSSL A.6 and A.3
    1. Make sure all speaker wires are properly connected to the back of the VSSL amplifier (+ to + and - to -)
    2. Connect VSSL to 110v power using the supplied power cable. For users who require 220v power, the VSSL is equipped with auto voltage sensing but a cord for 220v is not provided.
    3. Using a category 5, 5e, or 6 networking cable, plug into the network port on back of the A.6 or A.3 from the router, make sure the router is connected to the LAN. Once the network port light turns green you will know that the amplifier is now connected to the network and ready for use.
    4. Download the VSSL app from from the appropriate app store.
    5. Use the VSSL app to finish setup; name zones, create party zones, EQ and volume adjustments

    What apps can I use?

    VSSL uses Native Streaming to play music to the VSSL amplifier via Airplay, Spotify Connect, or Google Cast. This gives listeners the capability to use virtually any music app or play any web content when enjoying your VSSL. Please see www.vssl.com/listening for a list of apps that can be used.

    What platforms does VSSL support for listening to music?


    How do I connect with Airplay?

    Once your device is connected to the same network as your VSSL wireless audio system you can play music from any of your favorite apps using VSSL in 3 simple steps:

    1. On your mobile device or tablet, go to your favorite music app and play music.
    2. While in the music, app look for the AirPlay icon , your audio zones will then appear and press it, or swipe up from the bottom edge to reveal the control center and then select the AirPlay button.
    3. Select the VSSL zone or VSSL Party Zone you wish to play.


    How do I connect with Spotify?

    Spotify uses it’s own Spotify Connect platform for listening to music. You must be a Spotify Premium user to access Spotify Connect. Once your listening device is connected to the network you can play music using VSSL in 3 simple steps:

    1. From the Spotify app, select your music and play
    2. From the "Now Playing" screen, tap the Connect icon , your audio zones will then appear
    3. From the list of zones that will appear, select the VSSL zone or party zone you wish to listen to. Note that the Spotify Connect icon will appear green when sending music to VSSL.


    How do I connect with Google Cast?

    Once your listening device is connected to the same network as your VSSL wireless audio system, you can start listening to music in 3 simple steps:

    1. Go to your favorite music app and play music.
    2. While on the "Now Playing" screen, locate the Google Cast icon , your audio zones will then appear or swipe up from the bottom edge to reveal the Control Center and then select the Google Cast icon.
    3. select the VSSL zone or party zone you wish to play.


    You can listen to any audio played in your Chrome web browser in any of your zones by using Google Cast. Download the Chrome extension, then press the "Google Cast Icon" to play to your zones.


    Listen to anything from your Mac computer by using AirPlay. On the top menu bar, hold "Option" and click the speaker icon.


    You can use any DLNA certified audio player and connect straight to your zones


    If you have a music collection stored on a hard drive you can use that to connect to VSSL using the local RCA stereo audio inputs on the back of the A.6 or A.3.

    Can I use my Apple TV to listen to music?

    Yes, you can configure your AppleTV to play the video on your TV and the audio to your VSSL system. Press and hold the "Select" button on the Apple TV remote while watching a movie then select the VSSL zone you wish to play.

    Can VSSL play different songs on different zones at the same time?

    Yes, with the A.6, 6 different users can listen to 6 different songs on 6 different zones at the same time and with the A.3, 3 different users can listen to 3 different songs on 3 different zones at the same time.

    Can I use other audio sources with VSSL?

    Yes, the VSSL A.6, has 6 local RCA inputs and 2 global inputs for external audio sources. The A.3 VSSL, has 3 local inputs and 1 global input. Local sources can be played to any zone.

    Can I use a VSSL system with my home automation system?

    Yes, VSSL is currently compatible with Control4 home automation, you will need to contact your professional installer for more information. Other automation systems are to be released.

    How do I create a party zone?

    Creating a party zone is easily done during the initial setup of your VSSL system. Once you are in the VSSL app, tap "Party Zones" then tap the the "+" symbol and a list of your VSSL zones will appear from which you can select the zones you want added to the party zone. Zones can be removed from the party zone by tapping the "-" button next to the desired zone. Once a zone is removed it will no longer appear under "Party Zone", but can always be added again later. You can also label zones while

    How do I stop playing a zone?

    You can stop playing music on any particular zone by pausing the music from the app you are listening to or you can tap the mute icon in the VSSL app.

    Can I stop all zones at the same time?

    Yes, this is done in the VSSL app by tapping the mute icon next to "Party Zone".

    How many watts per speaker?

    With both the A.6 and A.3 each channel receives 50 watts @ 8 ohms.

    Does my VSSL turn off when not in use?

    Yes, the A.6 and A.3 have an auto standby mode built in so when the unit has not been in use for 10 minutes it will automatically go into low power standby mode. The light on the front control panel will flash when in standby. It will wake up on control demand over IP.

    How do I purchase a VSSL system?

    VSSL wireless audio systems are sold to professional installers. You can connect with an installer by contacting VSSL sales support at www.vssl.com

    Do you sell to end users?

    No, VSSL products are only sold to qualified professional installers and distributors.

    How can I get VSSL pricing?

    VSSL pricing can be obtained through a certified VSSL dealer or via www.vssl.com You can also contact VSSL sales support to be connected with a dealer in your area.

    How do I become a dealer?

    To become a dealer you must fill out a dealer application form. click here to fill out the dealer application form on the VSSL website. Dealer applications will be reviewed by the VSSL team and your request will receive a response within 24 hours.


    Some or all of the zone LED indicator lights are amber not white.

    The zone LED indicators on the front of the A6 or A3 indicate whether a zone is working properly. If the zone lights appear white, then your audio zones are connected properly and you should be able to hear audio from the speakers. If the LED light appears amber on any of the zones then this means there is an unusual operating condition for that zone. LED lights can turn amber if there is a short in the speaker wire or if you are using low impedance speakers at high volume for an extended period of time.

    Some things you can try if your LED lights are amber and/or you can't hear audio from any of the zones:

    1. Check to be sure the wires are connected properly both at the amplifier end and at the speaker end.
    2. Make sure no bare wires are touching at the connection points.
    3. If the light is still amber you will need to contact your professional installer.