About VSSL

Located in Hurricane, UT, VSSL is a sister company to TruAudio. With our many years of audio engineering experience, VSSL manufactures premium wireless audio products that are easy to use and truly enjoyable for people of all ages. Our cutting-edge technology delivers all of your music to your fingertips, no more clumsy remotes, keypads, or even apps. VSSL is the only audio company that uses Native Streaming, and that’s why custom installers and home owners choose VSSL over any other system to play music throughout their home or office. Native Streaming, enables listeners to use apps they already know and love, to play music directly from their device to any room.

Our core values are what make us who we are today. We deliver top notch audio products at a fair price, and our customers are our priority. At VSSL, we believe as important as it is to make a fabulous product, it’s just as important that we make you dance!