The VSSL Story

There was a time when if you wanted to listen to your music on your home audio speakers it was difficult. The world was full of great music, and the speakers to listen to that music, but to get that music to those speakers was often challenging. You needed an amp to run those speakers, then connect a CD player with some CDs. Then, mess with a few remotes to be able to play those CDs. And, it got even more difficult if you wanted to use your phone. A few products started to pop up trying to fill this hole, but for the most part, they were a band-aid fix on a much bigger problem. Dan, Devin, and Ron saw this problem and wanted to fix it. With their many years of experience and with investment and support from the TruAudio team, they knew what the problem was and how to provide a solution.

The Ah Ha Moment

They went to work trying to come up with a solution to this problem. They Decided that if this was going to work it would have to fix a few essential areas.

  • The existing solutions were confusing and would require multiple parts to make a good sound system work.  
  • Criteria #1 –  The system must be easy to use.  Most solutions were not allowing the user to stream music from their device. Mobile devices had lots of apps that were allowing people to listen to music like never before, but connecting to your home system was difficult if not impossible.
  • Criteria #2 – Must be connected to the internet for streaming from any device.
  • Criteria #3 – Let the user use the app that they already like to use.  They called it Native Streaming.™ No more third-party apps.
  • Criteria #4 – Must be future proof, using the latest technology.  The VSSL product needed to have automatic updates.
  • Criteria #5 – Be an all-in-one solution that even a child could intuitively use.
  • Criteria #6 – No more keypads, and must have voice recognition.  So, they partnered with Google.

Dream to reality

Could this lofty dream be realized?  VSSL needed a market endorsement but also knew if they could pull it off, they would have something truly special. They invited the top audio video distributors, reps, dealers in the industry to Las Vegas and had a private showing. The response was overwhelmingly in support of their idea. The VSSL team went to work.

Two years in the making

  • Research of existing products and studied where they could improve.
  • Designed, redesigned and redesigned.
  • Prototyped the VSSL.
  • Produced software that is nothing short of magic.
  • More consumer focus groups, testing, and feedback.
  • Became a certified Google Home partner.

It wasn’t until they were truly satisfied with every detail that they introduced VSSL to the world in late summer of 2017.  VSSL was born and the world of in-home music changed forever.


Since then, VSSL has been changing people’s lives throughout the world.

Why call it VSSL

We often get asked how to pronounce our company name or what the name means. We’ve heard a lot of pronunciations. People often spell it out V-S-S-L or say some form of vizzle. A few actually get it right and say ‘vessel’. We actually love the mystery behind the name, but it’s time to set the record straight!

The term ‘vessel’ actually emerged from our design process. We wanted our product, which is now the A.6, to be something that wasn’t just another black box in a rack. It needed to be understated and beautiful.

First we set out developing a design language and standard that could set the tone for all of our products. We drew inspiration from beautiful statues and art pieces used for decor around the home. These statues quietly drew attention and really could impact the mood of a room.

The design language we developed was referred to as ‘Quiet Vessel’. Quiet, meaning not overpowering or overly bold. Vessel, comes from many of the pieces we drew inspiration from were forms of vessels. We wanted our product when not streaming to still be elegant and impactful similar to art pieces in a home.

We removed the vowels making it more techy and were able to acquire the vssl.com domain. We have never looked back!

Set your music free™