Using VSSL with Pandora

With all the new music services, Pandora is still one of the most popular. We thought it would be a good time to review how VSSL makes listening to Pandora seamless.   Pandora works with Chromecast Pandora on iOS or on Android can be played via Chromecast.     Chromecast is a great fit for […]

The new VSSL app v3

The VSSL app is a companion app to the VSSL A.6 and VSSL A.3 OVERVIEW We’re excited to finally take the curtain off our latest features for VSSL. We have some new exciting features to improve your listening experience. Download the VSSL app:   New Adaptive Cards The zone cards on the home screen now […]

Integrating VSSL With Other Systems

You can make any home automation system better by adding the Native Streaming features of VSSL. This gives you all the features you love about your system plus easy access multi-room audio in any room. By integrating VSSL, you can control the volume, adjust inputs, play audio files, and more from within another system. Here […]

Using VSSL with your Mac

With VSSL, it is easy to listen to music on your in-ceiling speakers. You can listen from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer! This post will cover listening specifically from a Mac. On a Mac, there are several ways to listen. Through Airplay audio mirroring, using Chromecast in Google Chrome browser, iTunes, or […]

What is Native Streaming?

Most people aren’t familiar with Native Streaming, that’s probably because it is a term we coined ourselves! There really wasn’t a good way to explain the complexities of what VSSL can do in a simple phrase. Native Streaming describes the act of streaming from your phone directly to your speakers all from the music app. […]

VSSL + Google Home

Voice assistants are changing the way we interact with technology. They are also changing the way we listen to music. Using Google Home with VSSL makes it easier than ever to play your favorite music on your in-ceiling speakers. With VSSL and Google Home you can: Control all of your VSSL zones with Google Home. […]

The Name VSSL

We often get asked how to pronounce our company name or what the name means. We’ve heard a lot of pronunciations. People often spell it out V-S-S-L or say some form of vizzle. A few actually get it right and say ‘vessel’. We actually love the mystery behind the name, but it’s time to set […]