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The Name VSSL

We often get asked how to pronounce our company name or what the name means. We’ve heard a lot of pronunciations. People often spell it out V-S-S-L or say some form of vizzle. A few actually get it right and say ‘vessel’. We actually love the mystery behind the name, but it’s time to set the record straight!

VSSL Logo Progression

The term ‘vessel’ actually emerged from our design process. We wanted our product, which is now the A.6, to be something that wasn’t just another black box in a rack. It needed to be understated and beautiful.

First we set out developing a design language and standard that could set the tone for all of our products. We drew inspiration from beautiful statues and art pieces used for decor around the home. These statues quietly drew attention and really could impact the mood of a room.

image quiet vssl design

The design language we developed was referred to as ‘Quiet Vessel’. Quiet, meaning not overpowering or overly bold. Vessel, comes from many of the pieces we drew inspiration from were forms of vessels. We wanted our product when not streaming to still be elegant and impactful similar to art pieces in a home.

We removed the vowels making it more techy and were able to acquire the domain. We have never looked back!


Check out the A.6 to see how quiet vessel has evolved.