Integrating VSSL With Other Systems

March 30, 2018

You can make any home automation system better by adding the Native Streaming features of VSSL. This gives you all the features you love about your system plus easy access multi-room audio in any room.
By integrating VSSL, you can control the volume, adjust inputs, play audio files, and more from within another system.
Here are the different ways to integrate with VSSL A.6 and A.3.

1. Use native integrations with the Control4 driver or URC module

We partnered with Chowmain Software to develop integrations for Control4 and URC.
The Control4 driver enables VSSL to be an 8×6 matrixed amp with 2-way feedback for source and volume. You get all the sources from Control4 plus the ease of connecting directly to any room in the house from Chromecast, Airplay, or Spotify Connect. Homeowners don’t have to share their entire Control4 app with guests or children just to let them listen to music.
See more details on the Chowmain website.
The URC module is fully certified by URC. It adds 2-way feedback to the URC now playing screen along with matrix control. Music has never been so good with URC.
See more details on the Chowmain website.

2. Write your own interface with the VSSL REST API

We have taken out the complexities of integrating with VSSL by developing a REST API that runs on a Raspberry PI or other Linux platform. You can easily send your IP commands to a single IP address to integrate with VSSL.
If you’re using a Raspberry PI, you get the extra features of discovery and adjusting network settings straight from the VSSL app.
See the VSSL REST API documentation for more details.

3. Use VSSL in place of a Dummy amp with no driver

Within the VSSL app, you can lock the volume for any of the external source inputs. This means, your volume will be controlled by the external source and VSSL will just amplify the signal at the level you set.

When a user connects to a zone with their phone, the VSSL will sync to the phone volume. This lets the user control the volume directly from the music app they connected with. When the user disconnects with their phone, the VSSL goes back to the fixed setting.
This lets you swap out VSSL with any amplifier in any system.

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