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Connecting a CD Player

Note: For all you millennials, a CD player used to be this thing we used to play music stored that was stored on CD’s (CD: compact disc: is a plastic disc object that contained the music in a digital format read by a light sensor). Yes, it amazes us that people still use these things, but hey, record players are making a come back – so it’s not all crazy.

If you have a CD player you can connect it to any analog input on the back of a VSSL A.6 or A.3.

To listen to that CD player, you’ll need to name input you connected to then select that input from the home screen.

1. Name the input: Go to Settings->A.6->Name->Select the ‘Analog Input’ to be Bus 1.

2. Select the input on the home screen

Change the input

A much more modern approach (😉 ok, really it’s just another way, we don’t judge), is to use Google Play music. They offer a service you can upload all your CDs for free and listen to them from the Google Play app (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Chrome browser) and Cast it to a VSSL zone.

Some helpful links:


You can also access your music from a Google Home mini with Google Play music.

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