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Control4 Drivers

For those interested in adding a VSSL amplifier to their Control4 system, VSSL and Chowmain Software have teamed up to develop and provide a free Composer driver for both the A.6 and A.1.  While there is no official driver for the A.3, the A.6 driver can be used with auto discovery turned off while setting up your amplifier.  Manually input each zone’s mac address reservation or static IP address for each A.3 zone.

Links to Drivers:

A.6 Control4 Driver
A.1 Control4 Driver

Once installed, be sure to check out the “Documentation” tab within Composer for in-depth set up instructions.


  • The drivers provide 2-way feedback
  • Pause, skip, stop commands
  • Discrete volume control of all VSSL zones
  • For the A.6, use the VSSL as an 8×6 audio matrix
  • Self healing IP address discovery
  • Auto room on for bus output zones

Current known limitations:

  • Can’t initiate a stream from VSSL inside Control4. This is because we use Native Streaming so all the music starts from the homeowner’s music app. You can, of course, start any of the Control4 supported music streams and play them to VSSL from the Control4 app.

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