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A factory reset triggers a full reset of all of the VSSL settings. Doing this will require you to reset up the VSSL in the Google Home app. You will also need to reapply any EQ, Max Volume, Analog Input Names, or other device settings.


Factory reset your VSSL A.6 by using the VSSL app. Go to “Settings” -> Select the device -> Then scroll to the bottom under “Device Control”, to find ‘Factory Reset’.

VSSL App, factory reset

Select ‘Factory Reset’ to trigger a full factory reset of the device.


Use the VSSL app the same way as the A.6 or use a small pin to press and hold the reset button on the back of the A.3. Press and hold for 10 seconds or until all the lights go pink to trigger a factory reset.

Use the pin to press and hold the “Reset” button to trigger a factory reset.

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