What is Native Streaming?

December 21, 2017

Most people aren’t familiar with Native Streaming, that’s probably because it is a term we coined ourselves! There really wasn’t a good way to explain the complexities of what VSSL can do in a simple phrase.
Native Streaming describes the act of streaming from your phone directly to your speakers all from the music app. You can play music, control volume, and change songs all from the comfort of your favorite music app (like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc). Other systems out there can be controlled from your phone, but they rely on their OWN app called a third party app. There are several reasons why having a third party app can be a disadvantage.
Disadvantages to using a 3rd party app:

  • Limited number of supported apps. You’re stuck to only being able to use the music apps that the vendor provides.
  • Less features. You can only use a subset of the features available in the native music app.
  • One account. The whole system is tied to a single user account per app.
  • Another UI to learn. You use Spotify or Pandora while driving, but at home you use another app.
  • System Malfunction. Updates in the music app API can break the system.

VSSL has implemented as many streaming protocols possible that are native to mobile phones – Airplay, Chromecast Built-in, Spotify Connect, and DLNA. This means to listen to VSSL all you have to do is: 1) open your phone, 2) play music, 3) select the zone from the device list in the app. This is Native Streaming!
Native Streaming means you can select the music and control your speakers, all from the music app you use, like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
Advantages to Native Streaming are:

  • You get all of the features of the music app! Like personalized song recommendations, song sharing, AI generated playlists.
  • You get to listen to all the apps. You can use audio mirroring to listen to audio from videos or webpages. You get Audible, YouTube, Podcasts, and other voice.
  • Don’t miss a beat! You can jump from music in your car or headphones to your in-ceiling speakers from right where you left off!
  • Volume Control. Control the volume of the music from the music app or with the side volume on your phone.

For example, Spotify has great playlist generated by AI based on the music you listen too. The app is easy to navigate and use. You can share songs with friends and family from within the Spotify app. It’s also easy to listen to Spotify on your commute home from work, then just jump straight to you in-ceiling speakers at home. Let’s say you open your laptop, no worries, you can use the Spotify desktop app to keep your music session going. Want to listen to Audible, YouTube, sports news, watch cat videos? You can use audio mirroring to beam the audio to your speaker system. All this is possible because of Native Streaming on VSSL!
Check out VSSL products to learn more.

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